Using The Smile Doctors Anywhere App
Using The Smile Doctors Anywhere App

Through innovative technology, Northern Virginia Orthodontics’ patients can access care and orthodontic expertise wherever they are, whenever they need it through the Smile Doctors Anywhere app. For more information on using this app and the amazing benefits it provides, read on.


This innovative app is a groundbreaking collaboration between Smile Doctors and Northern Virginia Orthodontics. Our patients will always have access to our expertise regardless of where they are. Gone are the days when an easily answered question or concern required an in-office visit. Rather than adjusting your hectic schedule to address your concerns, you can simply utilize this app at a time convenient for you.

Smile Doctors Anywhere Overview

Your orthodontic care just got easier. Through this app you can schedule appointments, direct message your orthodontist, submit pictures for comfort care appointments, view upcoming appointment details, and benefit from remote care visits instead of having to come into the office.

From the comfort of your home, you can connect with our nationally recognized doctors. Their experience paired with this tele-orthodontics platform will allow you to receive top-of-the-line orthodontic care with little interruption to your daily life.

With the Smile Doctors Anywhere app, you’ll have access to all the expertise without the pesky scheduling conflicts. Enjoy the convenience of virtual visits without travel and time constraints. If your access to orthodontic specialists is limited or if you live in a remote area, then the app provides you with accessibility that bridges the gap between you and expert care. Now that technology has become so advanced, you won’t be sacrificing the personalized care you get with traditional office visits. Your plan is still customized to fit your needs. 

What Does The Process Look Like?

For both in-office and virtual treatments, your journey begins with an initial consultation. However, with this app, your initial consultation will be virtual. You will discuss your concerns and goals with an NVO orthodontist through the Smile Doctors Anywhere app. Through high-definition video conferencing and digital imaging, the app provides your orthodontist with a thorough insight into your oral health, needs, and achievable goals.

After this consultation, you will be given a custom-made treatment plan specific to your goals. You’ll be given instructions and support throughout your journey to make sure that you are progressing appropriately. Rather than coming into the office for every regular checkup, you’ll take your own scans through the app by using your camera with flash. Your orthodontist will monitor your treatment each week and will be able to tell if you have broken appliances, whether or not you are treatment compliant, your oral hygiene, and more. There may be cases where you do need to come in, but most in-office visits will be able to be replaced with these virtual checkups.

NVO’s Commitment to Serving The Community

These advanced techniques and technologies are allowing us to reach more and more people so that they can achieve the smile of their dreams! Oral hygiene and health help prevent more serious medical problems and improve quality of life. Our mission as orthodontists is to ensure that we reach as many people as possible so that their dental issues do not impede their health. Through the NVO Foundation, Cup for a Cure Starbucks Café, and other various institutions we are determined to give as much back to the community as possible. With every smile and donation, we can impact more lives, and the Smile Doctors Anywhere app is making it all the easier.

We Would Love To Help You Smile

Are you ready to take the next step in creating a smile you are confident in? Have any dental pain or insecurities you are ready to conquer? Then contact us today to schedule your free consultation. You can let us know if you would rather stick to coming in more frequently for your care, or if you would prefer to utilize the Smile Doctors Anywhere app. Regardless of which you choose, our team of expert orthodontists will make sure that you receive the specialized care that you deserve. As the #1 Invisalign provider in North America, you can rest assured that you and your family will be in great hands.