Propel® Orthodontics - Northern Virginia Orthodontics


Northern Virginia Orthodontics is thrilled to offer our patients Propel Orthodontics. An exciting technology that stimulates bone remodeling to help the teeth move faster!

Propel Orthodontics involves the use of a special tool that creates tiny dimples in the bone around your teeth. These alveolar perforations stimulate your body’s natural response to help move teeth faster. Studies have shown that Propel can decrease treatment time by up to 50-60%. The Propel device is FDA registered and is gaining wide popularity in many offices across the United States.

The doctors at Northern Virginia Orthodontics are thrilled to offer this innovative technology to all of our patients. Propel can be used in addition to your current or planned orthodontic treatment (Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, as well as, traditional braces.) Our patients see INCREDIBLE results in less time!