Traveling with Invisalign for Kids
Traveling with Invisalign for Kids

You don’t have to put life on hold with Invisalign For Kids treatment. Unlike traditional metal braces, doctor visits are not always necessary when trays have to be changed. You won’t have to worry about an emergency visit because of a broken bracket or popped wire. Traveling as a family is easy with proper planning, so you won’t have to put fun potential memories on hold until after they finish treatment.

Traveling With Invisalign For Kids

Packing a travel kit will help you and your child be prepared for all kinds of scenarios. If you are on an outdoor trip, make sure it is portable enough to fit into a backpack or fanny pack. Some ideas of what to pack are:

  1. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
  2. Floss
  3. Small bottle of mouthwash (for when they might not be able to brush their teeth)
  4. Invisalign For Kids aligner case
  5. The following few sets of aligners
  6. An easily portable bag to fit everything in.

Make an Appointment with Your Orthodontist

Let your child’s orthodontist know at least two weeks in advance that your family will be traveling. If the time for changing aligners falls when you are gone, your child will have a backup plan. NVO provides Invisalign For Kids patients with up to 16 weeks’ worth of aligners, so you’ll always have your next set ready, no matter your travel plans. Plus, with Dental Monitoring, you’ll be able to continue checking in with your child’s doctor even if you cannot make in-office appointments for a few weeks.   

Be Prepared for Various Situations

Make sure your child’s portable kit has what it needs for on-the-go cleaning. Invisalign For Kids aligners must be cleaned every time they are removed, and teeth brushed before wearing them again. In a desperate situation, at least rinse them off before reinserting them. This is also where the small bottle of mouthwash is handy.

If tap water is not drinkable, grab some bottles to bring with you or boil and filter accessible water. Allow water to cool if you are using it to clean aligners.

Keep Invisalign For Kids aligners out of extreme heat. Their shape can deform if left in a hot climate for too long. This could be a bag on the beach, a hot car, or hot water.

Keeping up the Routine

One of the most critical aspects of Invisalign For Kids treatment is consistency in following the plan. Keep in close contact with your orthodontist to ensure that your child is following treatment even on the go. Maintaining good hygiene habits will keep them from having any problems that delay their treatment.

Starting Invisalign For Kids Treatment

You don’t have to be hesitant about starting your child on Invisalign For Kids just because they have a trip coming up. Schedule an appointment for a free Invisalign For Kids consultation. We would love to help you and your child develop a plan that allows for both treatment and travel.