What Types Of Issues Can Invisalign Fix?

Gone are the days of traditional metal braces for fixing a wide array of dental problems and crooked smiles. Thanks to Invisalign clear aligners, children, teens, and adults can achieve better smiles with less pain, better hygiene, and no food restrictions. From young mouths with baby and permanent teeth to overbites, and more, Invisalign clear aligners can fix most cases. Learn more about what Invisalign can and can’t fix.

What Can Invisalign Fix

Invisalign aligners are able to treat different mouth issues including overbite, underbite, crowding, and more. Invisalign treatable cases may include:

  • Overbite — bottom teeth sit behind the top when the jaw is closed
  • Underbite — bottom teeth sit in front of the top when the jaw is closed
  • Crossbite — top and bottom jaws do not line up when the jaw is closed
  • Gap Teeth — spacing or large gaps between teeth
  • Open Bite — top and bottom teeth do not touch when the jaw is closed
  • Crowded Teeth — teeth cross or shift forward or back with little room 
  • Baby & Permanent Teeth — developing smiles in children ages 6 to 10
  • General Straightening — minor fixes for a perfect smile

Severe cases may still be treatable by Invisalign but could involve some extractions or oral surgery as recommended by your doctor. See what these aligners can do for you or your child. 

Overbite, Underbite, and Crossbite Treatments

These cases refer to the position of the lower jaw when the mouth is closed. An overbite is when the lower jaw sits back and the bottom teeth close behind the top teeth. An underbite is the opposite, the jaw sits forward and the bottom teeth close in front of the top. A crossbite is caused by the lower and upper jaws not lining up whether shifted right or left. 

Traditionally, orthodontists would have to fix the bite first before straightening the teeth. This method lengthened the treatment process with metal braces and bulky hardware. Invisalign uses mandibular advancements, or precision wings, to guide the jaw into proper alignment while straightening the teeth at the same time. Depending on the severity of the bite, additional treatment like surgery might also be required. 

Gap Teeth, Open Bite, and Crowded Teeth

Whether there is too much room, not enough room, or teeth don’t quite touch when the jaw is closed, Invisalign clear aligners can help to fix or improve most cases with these issues. Teeth are gradually pushed into proper alignment. The latest Invisalign technology is used to assess the case and provide the best treatment plan. If an open bite case is more severe, rubber bands along with Invisalign may be needed.

Baby and Permanent Teeth

Invisalign for this type of treatment is phase 1 treatment, or Invisalign First, for children with growing smiles. Invisalign First aims to help developing smiles grow with few to no issues as children get older. This treatment is specifically for children ages 6 to 10 who have both baby and permanent teeth and helps to develop the arch to create space for emerging permanent teeth. Talk to Northern Virginia Orthodontics to see if your young child would benefit from this treatment.

General Straightening

Invisalign aligners do not have to only be used to fix mild or severe cases of overcrowding or bite issues. If you simply like your smile, you should be able to love it! Invisalign can be used to fix the most minor of crookedness, too. Consider Invisalign clear aligners if you have a big event like a wedding coming up and want to enhance your smile. This affordable treatment can provide small fixes to give you more confidence to take on anything. Interested in making small changes to your smile? Consider Smile Express for Invisalign treatment with only two in-office appointments, or Nighlign by NVO and sleep your way to a better smile!

What Can’t Invisalign Fix

Invisalign can fix most dental problems, but some severe cases may require surgery or extractions before beginning treatment. Not sure if you or your child has a treatable case with Invisalign? Northern Virginia Orthodontics is dedicated to providing great smiles, no matter the case. Book a free Invisalign consultation with NVO today to see how Invisalign works and if this treatment is right for you or your child and discuss other options if needed.

Invisalign With NVO

We are proud to be the #1 provider of Invisalign in North America. NVO has helped improve thousands of cases with Invisalign treatment, and we cannot wait to help you or your child achieve the perfect smile. Request an appointment at any of our four convenient Virginia locations to learn more and get started on treatment.