How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost
How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost

Are you dreaming of a brighter, whiter smile but unsure about the cost of professional teeth whitening? You’re not alone! Many people have questions about teeth whitening, such as how much it costs, where to get it, and whether it’s worth the investment. 

How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost

In this article, we’ll explore the world of teeth whitening, who can benefit from it, and how to get the best results. Join us as we dive into the secrets of achieving that radiant smile you’ve always wanted with Northern Virginia Orthodontics’ expertise in orthodontics and teeth whitening.

Understanding Teeth Whitening

Before we get into the cost of professional teeth whitening, let’s first understand what this procedure entails. Teeth whitening is a popular dental treatment designed to lighten the color of your teeth using bleaching agents or specialized whitening paste. There are several methods available for teeth whitening:

  1. In-office Teeth Whitening: This is the most common and effective type of teeth whitening. During an in-office treatment, a hygienist prepares your mouth, and then a dentist applies a bleaching agent or customized paste to your teeth, often using a special light to activate it. This method provides the brightest and longest-lasting results.
  2. At-home Teeth Whitening: At-home teeth whitening options, like whitening strips or pens, are more budget-friendly but tend to be less effective than in-office treatments. These products typically cost around $100 to $200 and may have some drawbacks, such as increased sensitivity or translucent teeth if used excessively.
  3. Toothpaste and Mouthwash: For a more affordable option, you can find toothpaste and mouthwash products that claim to whiten teeth for around $20. However, the results are generally not as significant as those achieved with professional teeth whitening.

Who Can Benefit From Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their smile, especially those with yellow or stained teeth. Common causes of teeth staining include smoking, consuming beverages like coffee, tea, and wine, the natural aging process, poor dental hygiene, and genetics. Regardless of the cause, professional teeth whitening can be a popular and affordable option to rejuvenate your smile.

What Is the Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening?

The cost of professional teeth whitening can vary depending on the dentist and the type of treatment chosen. In general, teeth whitening is a relatively affordable procedure that provides remarkable results. In-office teeth whitening, while more expensive than other options, is the most effective and costs around $680 for a full treatment. Many dentists offer package deals that can help reduce the overall cost.

It’s important to note that dental insurance may not cover teeth whitening, as it is often considered a cosmetic procedure. However, the investment in a brighter smile can be well worth it for many individuals.

Does Teeth Whitening Really Work?

Absolutely! Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and effective ways to improve the color of your teeth. While there are various over-the-counter whitening products available for at-home use, they typically yield less noticeable results compared to in-office treatments.

The effectiveness of your teeth whitening procedure depends on factors such as the type of whitening used, your dental history, and the extent of staining. For optimal results, it’s recommended to opt for professional teeth whitening, such as the GLO Whitening system offered by Northern Virginia Orthodontics (NVO).

Experience GLO Teeth Whitening at NVO

At NVO, we provide the GLO In-Office Whitening and GLO Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile.

  • GLO In-Office Whitening: This treatment allows you to get dramatically whiter teeth in under an hour, comfortably and without pain. The GLO whitening mouthpiece utilizes a patented combination of warming heat and light technology, ensuring safe and clinically proven professional whitening results with minimal sensitivity.
  • GLO Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit: If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, the GLO Take-Home Kit is the perfect solution. It utilizes professional GLO technology and high-strength whitening gel for effective at-home whitening. You can use it on its own or to maintain your white smile between in-office treatments.

Northern Virginia Orthodontics is a certified GLO Science practice, offering top-notch teeth whitening experiences and results. Our team of whitening professionals is dedicated to customizing the best treatment for your needs and lifestyle.

Get Whiter and Brighter Teeth With NVO

The cost of professional teeth whitening varies but can be a worthwhile investment for achieving a brighter, healthier-looking smile. Whether you choose in-office or at-home treatment, the results speak for themselves. Don’t let the fear of stained or discolored teeth hold you back from smiling confidently—schedule your teeth whitening appointment with NVO today and start lighting up the world with your beautiful, white smile!