Does Invisalign Hurt?

Invisalign For Kids is a great alternative to traditional metal braces for children! For years traditional braces were prescribed to fix alignment and jaw problems. From clunky metal headpieces to sharp wires, there were not many options out there. These days, however, Invisalign Clear Aligners provide a more comfortable and discreet method for correcting teeth and jaw alignment.

Invisalign Could Reduce Anxiety Over The Alignment Process 

One of the biggest pains associated with traditional metal braces for children is feeling like the other kids will make fun of them for how they look. If the look of traditional braces causes your child anxiety, then Invisalign For Kids is a great alternative. They are clear and virtually invisible, which is great for picture day, too!   

Invisalign clear aligners can be removed easily so that your child can enjoy all their favorite foods and brush their teeth without worrying about breaking a wire or getting food stuck in wires. They can go to birthday parties, trick-or-treat, and generally live life without the social restrictions that come with traditional braces. 

Invisalign Is More Convenient and More Comfortable Than Braces

Invisalign is made to custom fit each patient with a SmartTrack plastic engineered specifically for Invisalign. After testing 260 materials, this plastic was determined to be the most effective and comfortable which is one of the reasons Invisalign For Kids is significantly less painful than braces. Braces come with metal and wires that can poke the mouth and irritate the gums and tongue. Some orthodontic conditions could take up to five years to fix with traditional metal braces, with constant visits to the orthodontist to adjust wires. So time-consuming!

Each case of teeth and raw realignment is individual, but in most cases, Invisalign treats dental issues in 12 – 18 months. There are not as many orthodontic visits required since new aligners get sent to your home. There will be checkups, but not as many as traditional braces require. Some checkups can also be done virtually with Northern Virginia Orthodontics. This way you and your child won’t have to interrupt your lives as often to fix broken wires or frequently have them adjusted. 

Since Invisalign clear aligners are removable, they also reduce the risk of cavities. Your child can floss and brush like normal. Just remember to keep the aligners clean, too!

Temporary And Mild Pain With Invisalign 

Some children have no pain when starting Invisalign For Kids, but mild pain and discomfort are common, particularly when chewing. This is temporary and should be gone by the end of the first week. If your child has sensitive teeth, gums, or gingivitis they may be more susceptible to discomfort with each aligner change. This initial pain may decrease each time as their teeth get used to the process. 

Some patients have reported pain in one tooth, and in most cases, this means the aligners are working. Any shifting caused by the aligners can cause a tooth to become more agitated, but this pain should also go away relatively quickly. With each aligner change, the tooth that hurts may also change, or there may be no pain at all. Any pain in the teeth, jaw, or tongue is to be expected. If your child has pain from an aligner that is not fitting quite right, Invisalign chewies help remove air bubbles and fill the space between their teeth and the aligners. If part of the aligner has become rough, dental wax can be used to coat the area to reduce friction and scratching on the gums. 

When The Pain Could Be A Sign Of Something More 

If your child is experiencing severe pain that impacts their daily life or does not go away in a week, you should call your orthodontist. Other causes for concern include:

  • If you notice their face swelling with complaints of pain 
  • If they have trouble or pain while drinking or swallowing food
  • If they are suddenly very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures
  • If their teeth or gums start to bleed

While these concerns could be an easy fix, they are not normal responses to Invisalign. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, you should contact your dentist or orthodontist immediately. They can let you know what to do to subside the pain before your appointment. 

Schedule An Appointment Today 

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