Types of Braces

Ceramic Braces

NVO uses clarity brackets that are made of a translucent material designed to blend with one’s tooth color.  They will resist staining and discoloring.  Clarity brackets are self-ligating braces constructed with advanced ceramic brackets.

Damon Clear®

Out of sight, out of mind. Some people may not even realize that you’re wearing braces. Tie-less Damon Clear braces are more discreet and resistant to staining and discoloration. Damon clear uses tie-less brackets that never need tightening, making your experience in braces that much easier.

Damon Braces

Damon braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to keep clean.  Damon braces use a slide mechanism to hold the wire, which allows teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortable.

Metal Braces

Brace yourself for a world filled with color! Metal braces are made of 3 main components: brackets, an arch wire, and Ligature Elastics (known as the rubber bands). Elastics come in a variety of colors that can be changed at each appointment, giving your braces a fun new look!

Palatal Expander

Need a bit more room? No problem! The palatal expander “expands” (or widens) your upper jaw by putting gentle pressure on your upper molars each time an adjustment is made.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating braces are made with the same components as metal braces, but they don’t require elastics. This provides a different aesthetic and can be a great option — particularly for adult patients.