Invisalign For Kids vs. Braces For Kids
Invisalign For Kids vs. Braces For Kids

There are many ways to achieve a healthy smile with orthodontics. Two of the most common options for children are Invisalign For Kids and traditional metal braces. 

Invisalign For Kids vs. Braces For Kids

You may remember wearing braces as a kid. The pain, embarrassment, and general discomfort that conventional metal braces brought isn’t the only path to a straighter smile now. Invisalign For Kids, also called Invisalign First, with Northern Virginia Orthodontics, provides an easier route. 

Invisalign For Kids

In many cases today, there is clearly the best option for straightening your child’s teeth. Invisalign For Kids provides an alternative to painful metal braces. There are no wires, brackets, or bulky hardware. Invisalign For Kids is nearly invisible. 

Benefits Of Invisalign For Kids

Due to Invisalign’s 3D imaging, patients can get their whole treatment plan mapped out. You and your child will get to see the current teeth placement, mid-treatment, and post-treatment desired look. Clear, plastic aligners are created specifically for your child’s mouth to move teeth, usually in two-week increments. 

Invisalign For Kids aligners are removable for eating and drinking. This allows kids to keep up with better oral hygiene versus traditional braces that are hard to clean. This also helps to keep the aligners as clear as possible compared to clear ceramic braces that can turn yellow over time.

Another benefit of Invisalign For Kids is that fewer office visits are needed than traditional braces. The visits involved are also shorter simply to check that the new set of aligners fit correctly and review progress. There is no changing of wires or bands needed, so visits are typically painless.

Braces For Kids

Metal braces are still widely used in orthodontics even though they seem outdated and unnecessary because of all the advancements we’ve seen. Traditional braces are considered permanent throughout the treatment process due to being glued to each tooth. These braces can also treat almost all orthodontic cases. 

Things To Keep In Mind With Braces For Kids

Many parents may think braces for kids are the best option because kids can’t take them off. While this might be a benefit, there are other drawbacks that should make a parent think twice. 

    • Kids and parents must be diligent with oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are crucial to avoid tooth damage like cavities.
    • Certain foods must be avoided. Things that are hard, crunchy, or sticky could break the metal braces or pop the brackets off the teeth.
    • Pain can be more significant with metal braces. Wires can cut cheeks. 
    • They are bulky and noticeable. The lips may look puffy.

Getting Started With Invisalign For Kids

Invisalign For Kids allows treatment to start in children as young as seven years old. Even if a child still has some baby teeth, this clear aligner system can help improve their smile. Adult teeth can grow into place, and your child’s doctor will account for this growth in the treatment plan. 

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