Goodbye Negative Impressions
Goodbye Negative Impressions

Northern Virginia Orthodontics strives to leave a positive lasting impression on their patients…and it just so happens a dental impression is no longer part of the experience! 

Northern Virginia Orthodontics invested in the most cutting edge technologies, including the iTero® Element™Intraoral Scanner. The iTero scanner eliminates the goopy, gaggy impressions, and allows our specialist to create 3D scans of your teeth and your bite.  The accuracy and the fit of your orthodontic appliance is precise when using a digital impression.

Creating the best experience for you is our ultimate goal!  NVO is thrilled to say goodbye to the negative dental molds, and introduce you to the digital world!  Not only are the 3D scans created for Invisalign candidates, but also used for:

  • Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE): This orthodontics appliance is used to widen the palate, typically in pediatric patients during Early Treatment.
  • Trans-Palatal Arch (TPA): An orthodontic appliance used to hold upper molars in place, stabilizing the position of these teeth after, or during, the movement of other teeth.  Also used in pediatric patients, typically in Early Treatment
  • Retainers and Viveras: Custom-made orthodontic devices, which hold teeth in position after realigning teeth.

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