5 Tools For Invisalign Care At School
5 Tools For Invisalign Care At School

Invisalign has revolutionized how people straighten their teeth. For straight teeth, your child doesn’t have to depend on metal braces anymore to get amazing results. But Invisalign does require some care and maintenance to keep them in great, working shape. Learn more about how your child can care for their Invisalign device while on the go, at school, and every day!

5 Tools For Invisalign Care At School

As the summer days begin to fade, a familiar excitement fills the air, signaling the start of a new adventure. The time has come for kids to grab their backpacks, lace up their shoes, and head back to school. But what other supplies do they need? If your child has Invisalign, here are 5 tools that can help them properly care for it at school.

Floss Picks

Floss picks are essential for your child during their time wearing invisalign. If food becomes trapped between their teeth during their time wearing Invisalign, this can lead to bad bacteria flourishing and can often lead to smelly breath or problems with how the Invisalign product fits their teeth. For a child who goes to school every day, regular string dental floss may be a little inconvenient, which is why floss picks can be your child’s best friend when they’re wearing Invisalign aligners. Flossing is essential before you put your trays back in after eating, so ensuring that no food particles are left between your teeth is very important in maintaining Invisalign and dental health. 

Aligner Removal Tool

Removing the Invisalign tray in the wrong way can cause warping and other damage to the product. Not only can you damage the Invisalign tray if your child doesn’t remove it the right way, but using fingers can introduce bacteria into your child’s mouth and Invisalign tray, which can lead to issues down the road.  That is why we recommend that your child carry an aligner removal tool to ensure that the trays keep their shape and don’t suffer any breaks when removing the product at mealtime, for brushing, or for cleaning. Products like the Orthokey fit in the Invisalign case, so your child will never have to go without it. 

Extra Retainer Cases

Since removing the Invisalign trays is necessary every time you brush your teeth or eat a meal, the case is bound to be misplaced at some point. Or, the plastic cases may break over time under normal wear and use. For that reason, we recommend having a couple of spare cases to make sure there is always somewhere safe to put the trays during meal time or brushing. Just make sure you hit the goal of wearing your Invisalign 22 hours per day!


One of the best accessories out there for ensuring your child’s Invisalign is seated properly is a chewie. These little grommet devices are made of hard rubber, and they help ensure that the Invisalign trays are seated properly on the teeth. To use them, simply bite down if you’re having trouble getting your trays in the right position, and they should help you pop the tray onto your teeth so that it does what it’s designed to do — straighten your teeth!

Invisalign Mints 

When you’re wearing something in your mouth all day, every day, it’s bound to pick up some bacteria. The result can mean that your breath might not be smelling as fresh as usual. That is why we recommend Invisalign mints as a must-have for ensuring fresh breath during normal use. Plus, the Invisalign mints actually act like the chewie we just talked about, but they freshen your breath in the process! These mints are specifically designed for Invisalign users, and since you can’t chew gum while you wear your Invisalign, the mints are the next best thing to ensure that your breath stays fresh all day. Plus, they’re sugar-free! Invisalign mints are a must-have any time you’re putting in your trays or if you just need to freshen up your breath throughout the day. Throw some Invisalign mints in your child’s backpack so they’re prepared for the school day ahead!

Don’t Forget These Must-Haves!

Invisalign products can be a lifesaver when it comes to straightening teeth in a way that doesn’t involve metal braces. If your child is getting Invisalign from Northern Virginia Orthodontics before this school season, you’re going to want to make sure they have these 5 tools to make Invisalign care easy. With the tools we just mentioned, you can be prepared for anything, and you can rest assured your Invisalign experience will be painless and easy. Consult with us today if you’re interested in Invisalign.